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he 2-room apartment with a huge hallway and two bathrooms needed to be conveniently planned. In design, the desire was to use the elements of FLAT design. This is not surprising as the customers are advanced young IT professionals. And lately, as we have all noticed, all the interfaces of social networks, search engines, and sites have been redesigned and converted to this beautiful format.

First of all, we crushed all the partitions to quickly clear out the dull planning from the developer. Another uncomfortable element of planning was that the exterior walls of the house create uneven angles throughout the apartment. In place of one of the bathrooms we were able to make a kitchen with an island, which is a continuation of the living room, so the apartment from 2-room turned into 3-room. In design everything is minimalistic, but colorful. Materials and colors create an interesting, yet peaceful atmosphere.

Most of the interior items were created by the individual design of our workshop. Especially highlight the coffee table with asymmetrical shapes, which is a feature in the design of Workshop Dmitriy Grynevich. Likewise, copper and turquoise leather luminaire lamps create a romantic and magical atmosphere in the evening.