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The goal of the project was to create a stylish men's space where you can relax, do a haircut or tattoo, have a coffee or something stronger. To come up with a salon interesting, with an individual feature that would be different from other salons. However, the implementation of the project requires spending the minimum, as the premises are leased.

The idea was born immediately, in the process of discussing the wishes with the customer. Since the history of barbershop dates back to the early 20th century, we have decided not to take much from there. In doing so, we moved away from the theme of America and Britain, wanting to create something of our own. Only the Chesterfield sofa and laconic moldings on the walls remind us of the that years. Everything else is about our time. It was also decided to create a salon in dark colors with warm lighting and yellow elements, which is associated with a cozy place where you can spend time in a men's company. In the salon, all the items are made according to our sketches, if you do not take into account the lamps. Especially for this salon we designed a long bench with soft seats. Our brand of yellow armchair "ARMleather" also found its place here.

The result pleases visitors, staff and owners. This is an example of creating a design for a rented room, without much cost.