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Rationality + creativity in the search for design solutions is the result of a comfortable space that evokes positive emotions and new experiences.

In our work on design and architecture, we focus on maximizing the fit of the object to human needs, but with an important part of giving a fresh experience of interacting with architecture


I am indebted to many teachers for my experience, so I am able to create highly functional, truly aesthetic objects of architecture at a reasonable budget. Every day I continue to learn and improve my skills, because I dream of my great contribution to architecture not only in Ukraine but in other cities of the world. 

Architecture and design are a key in my life, so I am very responsible for this art.  


I really love to draw. Previously, I sketched wherever it was possible: in transport, on the street, in rooms, in nature, at parties. 

I did it with great desire to understand shapes, designs, how they work, what they come from. In order to understand color, where it comes from, how it interacts with light. 

At one time I was deeply interested in the history of the arts. Studying it, I lived all epochs, felt all the styles. 

I love traveling. To be in those places where you can see and feel the culture, history.

I am quite convinced that architecture and design must be fully in tune with their time. Only in this way they will make sense and carry within themselves what they are meant for.  

Design for me is what I love and want to do every day. This is what I breathe and live.