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We design and build turnkey atypical interiors of apartments, hotels, rental housing, showrooms, offices, conceptual cafes, and create the most comfortable hotel and private houses



In this interior, periscopes protrude from ceiling, there are street lamps on the curbstones, and instead of painting there is a rusty piece of metal.


This incredible penthouse interior captivates with its space and integration with the outside city. And who else would have used so many glass blocks that reminded everyone about Soviet buildings ?!


Charismatic, light, minimalistic, yet bright - a house that is attention-grabbing and striking in its boldness. 

And if there wasn't pergola, it wouldn't be so...

We create atypical, creative designs in extremely short terms (project+construction+equipment)

In projects, we focus on the feeling that space interacts with people as art, evoking positive emotions and experiences


Project management controls all processes. The project and implementation takes 

3 months


For more than 8 years we have been successfully bringing ideas to life


We work within your budget. Understandable figures that do not change after agreement


With us you save at least 100 000 UAH., thanks to the affiliate discounts we get

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The Emotional Design Bureau is the birthplace of unique and creative designs. Our architectural projects do not go unnoticed. If you decide to create a dream interior in a new home, office or restaurant, we will professionally fulfill all your wishes.


We create a bit scandalous comfortable architectural environment. If it is a commercial object, it is memorable, impressive. If the space for life - it is atypical and individual. If the office - it reflects the essence and value of the company, the brand. Our approach is going beyond patterns, light shock, and even outrage! We do what stays in memory forever. We create unusual things that attract attention and fall in love. We blur the lines between architecture and fashion. We spend fashion in architecture, and vice versa.


The buildings we design and build are energy-efficient, unique in their design, architectural features that are ideally based on perfect planning.


If you want to be like everyone else, then unfortunately we are not on the road. But if you want to stay with yourself, surround yourself with your design, reflect your outlook, then we are the ones who need you. Our customers are in tune with us. That is why we often become friends!


Interior design is a complex, multi-stage process that requires a thorough knowledge, experience and consideration of thousands of little things. This ability to harmonize the taste of the customer and the room.

Not only does the designer create beautiful interiors, they organize into a single system of wall lines, furniture, lighting, decor and fill the space with meaning. The designer knows how to make the interior functional, practical, comfortable and, most importantly, one that emphasizes the uniqueness of the customer.


There are a lot of design studios today. And their numbers are increasing every day. But most of them are no different from each other. Some of them really do do good, however, standard design. This is an average, typical approach. It's about template copying, not creative.


Our office employs professional, creative people with 7 years of experience who create bold, unusual and incredibly beautiful interior designs.


Our professional designers work as psychologists who can understand exactly what you need by simply talking to you. And they can make a dream come true. You will be shocked at how they get to the point. Our interior designs will inspire and delight you daily.


We have experience working with private homes and commercial real estate, with large and small areas.


You can order a professional interior design in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, as well as in other countries at our Grynevich Architects office. Designing apartments, private homes, country cottages, designing offices, creating unique and functional designs for hotels, cafes and restaurants are all within our power.